Fruit & veg boxes delivered weekly
direct to your door

Now ain’t that a time saver!

Fruit Box

A wonderful selection of the freshest fruit available.

Standard Fruit Box

This Standard Fruit Box offers just the right amount of produce throughout the week. Our amazing Fruit Box is exceptional.

Mega Box

An amazing selection of Fruit and Veg with outstanding value

Mega Box

An amazing selection of produce providing outstanding value for money.

Vegetable Box

Only the best seasonal fresh vegetables.

Standard Vegetable Box

Just the right amount of fantastic fresh produce to create wonderful meals throughout the week.

Detox Box

The perfect combination of fresh fruit and veg for your detox.

Standard Detox Box

Just the ticket when you need a detox. This Standard Detox Box full of fruit and veg is made for amazing quality and value.

Mixed Fruit and Veg Box

The perfect combination of fresh fruit and veg.

Standard Mixed Fruit and Veg Box

This Standard Mixed Fruit and Veg Box is chock full of fruit and veg is made for amazing quality and value.

Salad Box

A delicious selection of only the best in salad.

Standard Salad Box

An amazing selection of Salad produce providing outstanding value for money. This wonderful Standard Salad Box is simply exceptional.

Fresh Produce Boxes

We provide a range of fresh produce boxes carefully selected with only the tastiest freshest Fruit and Vegetables sourced as locally as possible.

Pick your box style

Simply select one of our delectable Fruit, Vegetable or combination Boxes. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Customize your produce

Whilst we think all Fruit and Vegetables are delicious there is always that one that's not your favourite. No problem we can tailor your box upon request.

Our story

McCullagh Simply Fresh are an Omagh fruit,veg and health produce supplier providing amazing high quality food.

Let us choose for you with our seasonal fresh fruit and veg boxes and seasonal fresh fruit boxes, alternatively if you like to choose your own, you can select directly from our extensive range of fruit, vegetables and salad.

If there is any fresh fruit or vegetable that you can’t find in our range, let us know by emailing or by calling or texting 07776 006 331 and we’ll endeavor to meet all your fruit & veg needs.

We like to promote local produce, so where possible and when in season we will try to buy produce that has been grown locally, but to ensure we have an extensive range to meet our customers needs we also source more exotic and out of season produce from further afield.

Why not give the little guys a try!

Add New Boxes

As new seasonal fresh produce comes in our boxes change with the season providing you with amazing Fruit and Vegetables to suit your needs. Don't forget to order any other produce you need which will be delivered with your lovely Fresh Produce Box.

Delivered to your door.

We deliver straight to your door or at your safe place with the cheapest delivery charge around.

R Woods
Never buying fruit and veggies from the supermarket again😆 so fresh, tastes so good, so affordable and they deliver it straight to your door😁👍 Different boxes to choose from. You can also pick your own. Sauces are fresh and all natural! I'm so impressed. the quality is just nothing like this in the supermarkets or shops near me. Its the first time iv enjoyed fruit in years. Perfect for families. I will definitely be ordering again. Looking forward to trying the other products. Rory who delivered it was really nice and friendly who offered to bring it all into the kitchen for me. Thank you.

R Woods